Power Plant
The website is dedicated to the world’s only floating SMR nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov. It is a platform for honest and unbiased conversation about the future of small nuclear energy and its role in powering human development and growth in the furthest corners of the world.
The website provides all the information you need about the SMR development. Get an answer to any question in the “Get the facts” section and take a look at the multimedia section for photos and videos.
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Wild Edens
Wild Edens is an ambitious project aimed at increasing public awareness of the environment, global warming, climate change and the threat it poses to the global ecosystem.

for Humanity
The Atoms for Humanity is a unique awareness initiative capturing ordinary people from all over the world telling stories on how nuclear transforms their lives and helps fulfil dreams, both big and small.

The ROSATOM newsletter is a nuclear monthly for anyone interested in recent developments in Russian & global nuclear industry.

Global Atomic Quiz
Global Atomic Quiz is an annual international initiative launched on Novemeber 10 to celebrate World Science Day! Visit the website to test your knowledge and learn some extraordinary facts about nuclear science, real-world technologies and beyond!

Energy of the future
The website is dedicated to nuclear technology information centers in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Nuclear careers
Have you made a choice about your future career yet? This book will tell you about some of the professions in the nuclear industry and related nuclear technologies.

The Nuclear ABC
The Nuclear ABC is a unique book, which will help you learn more about the processes taking place around us and about the laws of physics that explain them.

Nuclear for better life
This is an AR-enabled brochure that will help see the internal features of nuclear power plants that usually remain hidden for the naked eye.